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Private & Business Air Conditioning Solutions

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VRF systems and Heat Recovery units

Enables perfect adjustment of temperature in different spaces of the building, with low noise level and high standard design

Industrial air conditioning systems

Each industrial structure has different needs and objectives of air conditioning. Shaarey Hamizug specializes in setting up the most advanced air conditioning systems in the market - custom-made!

Home air conditioning systems

When constructing or renovating a private home, it is important to integrate the air-conditioning system plans into the architectural planning stage, in order to create the most suitable combination for the people living in the house.

Air conditioning systems for smart homes

Smart air conditioning system allows you to control the desired temperature and choose to switch on or off from an app on your phone. Controlling air conditioners saves power consumption, and it is easy to use and easy to operate.

Maintenance and maintenance

 Repair service with original and replacement parts at fair prices for all types of air conditioners.

The company's service department operates 24 hours a day,

at 053-7175305

Pre-purchase consultation and assistance

We aim to help you choose the best air conditioning system for your needs and our rich experience enables us to provide you with the optimal cooling solution for you. We provide you with a unique service - Thermal calculation, conducted by authorized engineers in Israel and with authorized companies abroad including full warranty, to ensure perfect compatibility!

Shaarey Hamizug, managed by Michel Avraham is a company with 30 years of experience in air conditioning services and solutions, industrial and private, in Israel and worldwide. The company meets the highest quality and safety standards and is a licensed company of UNIQUE, HITACHI, RHOSS and YORK, specializing in many other companies such as Tadiran, Electra, Tornado, LG, Mitsubishi and more.

The company operates advanced systems and provides comprehensive solutions to its customers, delivering a wide range of products with the features requested most often: VRF systems, water-cooling units (Chillers), industrial air conditioners, water source systems, on / off units, etc.

Our company specializes in buildings maintenance, repair services and management of large and small projects, including a unique thermal calculation service, carried out by licensed engineers in Israel and with the authorized companies abroad. Our customers enjoy a high standard service and uncompromising professionalism!

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The clients' needs and preferences, whether private or business, are our top priority. We would be happy to provide you with professional advice and heartfelt service:

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